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Story:Down the Perak River

Manong town

Manong town is a small town which is the last town in the Perak River range in Kuala Kangsar district. It is located on the edge of Sungai Perak which houses several eco-tourism destinations such as the Ulu Kenas waterfall area. The attraction of this town is its very quiet atmosphere with some old shop buildings with their own character. The river is still an important function for the surrounding population in their income generation. Residents still go down to the river for fishing and other river activities. Most of the population engage in Small and Medium Industries (SMI) as an alternative to support their lives.

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Along the Perak River


The production of this eight-episode video series features documentary genres and promotional videos - to see the close relationship and significance of the Perak River in the existence and development of Kuala Kangsar from the past to the present - in various aspects including heritage, society and culture in the area.

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