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Ceritera: Along the Perak River

Kuala Kangsar valley

The main meeting center of the city of Kuala Kangsar which is located on the edge of the river. This valley is the early area of the city of Kuala Kangsar which is famous for its clock tower and the famous traditional food Laksa Kuala. This location is also where Balai Gambang Cempaka Sari is located, which is a water vehicle that the sultan needs to ride down the Perak river during the coronation ceremony where it is now a tourist attraction in Kuala Kangsar. Also displayed is the work of making tengkolok which is the heritage and culture of the Malay community in the past by brother Amir Naim as a maker of tengkolok who has been engaged in this handicraft work for a long time.

kg sayong lembah kuala kangsar bukit chandan.png

Along the Perak River


The production of this eight-episode video series features documentary genres and promotional videos - to see the close relationship and significance of the Perak River in the existence and development of Kuala Kangsar from the past to the present - in various aspects including heritage, society and culture in the area.

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