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Along the Perak River

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Sungai Perak

Showing some residents around the Chenderoh dam who carry out river activities that have become their daily activities. 

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Sungai Perak

A village known for offering various eco-tourism based activity packages on the river driven by local people.

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Sungai Perak

The town is filled with historic architecture including buildings and the famous Victoria Bridge.

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Sungai Perak

Known as the center of pottery-based handicrafts—especially the Sayong gourd—a famous gourd throughout Malaysia.

lembah kuala kangsar.jpg

Sungai Perak

The main meeting point of the city of Kuala Kangsar—located on the banks of the river—is the early area of the city of Kuala Kangsar and is famous for its clock tower.

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Sungai Perak

The current center of government of the Perak state sultanate. Also known for placing figures and adigurus in the field of blacksmithing (dagger making) and cutting art.

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Sungai Perak

The village is small but known because it is located next to the North-South Highway (PLUS) and has a highway R&R which is Sungai Perak Rest & Treatment Area.


Sungai Perak

It is a small town which is the last town in the range of Sungai Perak which is in Kuala Kangsar district.

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