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Ceritera: Along the Perak River

Menora village

The village is small but known because it is located next to the North-South Highway (PLUS) and has a highway R&R which is Sungai Perak Rest & Treatment Area. This R&R is a source of employment, especially for young people, for the residents of Kampung Menora. But there are still people who make it an activity to go down to the river to earn a living. Most of the villagers, especially the elderly, are more comfortable doing village activities to continue living than working in nearby towns. There is an Orang Asal community that lives not far from this Menora village. They have experienced cultural assimilation with the surrounding population and most of these Orang Asal have embraced Islam.

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Along the Perak River


The production of this eight-episode video series features documentary genres and promotional videos - to see the close relationship and significance of the Perak River in the existence and development of Kuala Kangsar from the past to the present - in various aspects including heritage, society and culture in the area.

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