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Ceritera: Along the Perak River

Karai town

A small town with a unique character, Pekan Karai is filled with historic architecture including buildings and the famous Victoria Bridge. This bridge that crosses the Perak River has become an iconic face in the world of photography. With this historic architecture, Karai town became the focus of tourists. As a tourist location, visitors come to Kuala Kangsar to stay at the inn – D'Village @ Victoria Bridge Karai. In addition, this small town is unique with its relaxed community lifestyle, as well as morning activities such as the morning town. This town is also known for its special food, Kundas cake.

pekan karai aka enggor.png

Along the Perak River


The production of this eight-episode video series features documentary genres and promotional videos - to see the close relationship and significance of the Perak River in the existence and development of Kuala Kangsar from the past to the present - in various aspects including heritage, society and culture in the area.

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