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Ceritera: Along the Perak River

Sayong village

Known as a center for handicrafts based on pottery, especially the Sayong pumpkin, a famous pumpkin throughout Malaysia. This episode takes the audience to see the specialty of Labu Sayong which is made using clay that is only obtained from Sungai Perak. Kampung Sayong is also famous for handicrafts such as tambourine making, a Malay heritage musical instrument that is often played in traditional performances. It can be seen that the audience's familiarity with river-based activities has become an attractive tourism package.

kg sayong lembah kuala kangsar bukit chandan.png

Along the Perak River


The production of this eight-episode video series features documentary genres and promotional videos - to see the close relationship and significance of the Perak River in the existence and development of Kuala Kangsar from the past to the present - in various aspects including heritage, society and culture in the area.

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